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Prenatal/Labor/ Fertility Massage Service

Fertility Massage- is a series of massage techniques that are used to help support reproductive health, the menstrual cycle, and your fertility.

(60mins) $85 (90mins) $100

Prenatal Massage-  is designed to relax tense muscles and relieve pain associated with pregnancy to make a pregnant woman feel good. Prenatal Massage varies in technique according to the needs of expectant mothers and their changing bodies. During a prenatal massage, mild pressure is applied to the muscle groups to relax muscle tension and enhance lymphatic and blood circulation to help release swelling, and assist with reducing the risk of Pre-eclampsia   (2nd and 3rd Trimester only) stretching to open the pelvis and prepare for smooth delivery are included during third Trimester sessions  Post Prenatal Massage - assist with the shrinkage of the uterus and hormonal imbalance of the mother for wellness

(60)mins $85

Labor induce Massage-      90mins $120

This techinique can be given on or after your due date. We work on acupressure points that are normally avoided during pregnancy or can trigger labor. Induction massage helps to relax & calm your mind-body, easing tension and helps to create a clear and grounded space. If desired, essential oils can assist with labor preparation. It is a very successful form of labor induction if the body/baby is ready & the mother is receptive to the energy flow.Please know, mommies-to-be must be in their last trimester very close to estimated due date. We recommend an Induction massage if there are some changes happening; Mucus plug release, cervix softening, contractions and/or dilation.


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