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To a place where stress is relieved, relaxation is encouraged; circulation is improved, and posture can be corrected. Peace of mind will welcome you and anxiety will vanish-The Power of Touch

Massage and bundle prices

Body scrub treatment-Full body exfoliation of dead skin cells to increase circulation and improve skin tone.An oil free exfoliating body treatment. Scrub enriched with vitamin A, C, D for ultimate hydrating. Body butter is then smoothed and massaged into the body for long lasting nourishment.You will love how your skin feels.

30min $45 60mins $65 Can be added to any service for $20 ( Champagne&Rose, Lemon and Sage, or Peppermint)

Swedish massage

60min $65          90min $85    2hrs $100 add (Aromatherapy, lavender scrub, or sugar foot scrub and warm towels for ultimate relaxation additional$10) `      3 45min Bundles Special for $100

Deep Tissue massage- Movement is much slower  than swedish and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders.

60min $75  90min $100 2hrs $120(cryotherapy+towels ) 

3 45 min bundle special on focus areass $120

Sports Massage- helps both professional athletes and weekend warriors avoid injuries, recover more quickly and completely from events and challenging training, and maintain a body that is better in-tune with its abilities. Pre-Event massage focuses on warming up and stretching muscles so athletes can achieve maximal function earlier, and Post-Event enhances blood flow and recovery.

60min $75  90min $100 2hrs $120(cryotherapy+towels)

3 45 min Sports Massage  bundle is offered to those that need weekly pre and post stretching $120

Lymphatic Drainage Massage- This massage technique works with the lymphatic system, rather than the muscles. The feather-light strokes stimulate lymphatic flow, with powerful results both for general immune system health and specific conditions including inflammation, traumatic injuries such as strains and sprains, headaches, sinus issues, healing from surgery, osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, skin conditions, and swelling from unresolved injuries such as ankle sprains, also reduce scar tissue from breast augmentation,tummy tuck, and plastic surgeries

60 mins for non surgery $85 90min $120 (cryotherapy +towels) 

3 45min lymphatic bundle special offered for follow up $100

Pregnancy Massage- Calms many of the aches and pains associated with pregnancy such as sciatica, swelling, back and neck pain, and stomach upset. Prenatal massage has also been shown to improve physical discomforts by encouraging circulation and by stretching the muscles and joints to their full range of motion to improve skin elasticity and body tone. Studies show that pregnant women who receive regular prenatal massages are more at ease - furthermore relaxing the fetus inside their womb.

Sideline Swedish performed (After 1st Trimester only)

60mins$75 additional massage within 30 days discounted to $55


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